Twang Town Playlist for June 6, 2007 (#573) 
Americana, Bluegrass, Folk and Alt-Country

KUAC/FM 89.9 Fairbanks Alaska
also KCHU-Valdez, KTNA-Talkeetna, KSKO-McGrath, KIYU-Galena,
KZPA-Fort Yukon, KXKM McCarthy and KSGA Glenallen

Support for Banjo Signal comes from listeners like you and Northern Land Use Research, 
providing cultural resource management services 
and supporting traditional, old time, blues and bluegrass music throughout Alaska

Song Title


Album Title

Record Label

Blue River No Time flatt The Old Highway
Waterbound Five Buck Fiddle Five Buck Fiddle
Long Gone Away Nate Montgomery Appalaskan Folkgrass
Restless Feeling Ann McBeth No Going Back
23  Joe Page Alaska Mando
The Frozen Road Lousiaska The Way of the Wild
The Lost Patrol Mike Stackhouse Coming Home
Hangin by a Wire Robin Dale Ford Ain't that Skippin and Flyin 10th Planet
Famous in Fairbanks Bob Miller Plain Brown Generic Album
Food Chain Beer Break Designated Driver Trill Music
Sweet Alaska Susan Grace Sweet Alaska Black Dog
Just Stay Bearfoot Follow Me Glacier
15 Hours of Driving Will Putman 15 Hours of Driving Trill Music
It's Alright Brookelyn Bellinger Dance with Me
I Will This Time Jeff Kanzler Black Top Road
Burn It Sarah C Hanson All I Can See
Dark Road Gypsy Light Pat Fitzgerald Wild Harvest 10th Planet

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