Released April, 2004
Trill Music

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1. 15 Hours  listen
2. On the Road with Tom
3. 4-Lane Freakout
4. Didn't Leave No Tip
5. Sauna
6. Stand Around the Fire
7. Scared
8. Maximum Angle of Repose
9. Long Haul
10. Thanksgiving Jig
11. Highway 278
12. Ohio and West

As the title suggests Willís done some driving in his lifetime.  15 Hours of Driving is a collection of songs resulting from driving along the Nationís highways and from other travels and observations.  Born in Pennsylvania, Willís first long driving stints were between Montana, where he went to school to become a forester, and his parentsí home in western Pennsylvania.  The road trips and travels eventually took him Alaska, where he has lived since 1982. 

Willís early influences included 60ís folk recordings from his parentsí LP collection.  Bluegrass entered his musical life during his Montana years and it was then that he also started writing songs.  In 1987 he recorded Northwords with Anchorage fiddler and songwriter, Shonti Elder.  That was followed in 1991 by a second collaboration of original material with Shonti, Homefires.  In 1996, Will released his first solo CD, the middle of nowhere, a concept album of original tunes and songs loosely based on the changing of seasons in Alaska.

 15 Hours of Driving is Willís most current 2004 release.   Some of the songs such as Highway 278 and Four Lane Freakout  were written in his younger Montana days, some more recently written reflect back to those days including the title cut,  On the Road with Tom, and Ohio and West. 

Mixed in with the road trip theme, there are songs with political content and humor, a song of mid-life crisis (The Maximum Angle of Repose), followed by a mid-life love song (Long Haul) and a nice palate-cleansing Celtic tune (Thanksgiving Jig) co-written by Shonti and Will. 

The CD has an eclectic style ranging from the folk-rock Scared to the swing-influenced Didnít Leave No Tip and the cajun-tinged Sauna. 

Will plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin and harmonica on this CD.  Other contributing musicians include Trudy Heffernan (harmony vocals) Pat Fitzgerald (drums), Robin Dale Ford (bass and banjo), Alex Clarke (lap steel guitar and electric guitar), Dan Berberich (resophonic guitar) and Shonti Elder (fiddle).  The CD was recorded and mixed at 10th Planet Recording somewhere near Fairbanks Alaska.

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Will Putman, 131 Sands Lane, Fairbanks, AK 99712.  Ph 907-488-0556
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