Music on the Grand Canyon

Each summer since 2001, Trudy Heffernan and Will Putman have been invited to be the entertainment on a Moki Mac raft trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  They are joined by George Rhee of Boulder City, Nevada and various other musicians from Alaska.  The band played music around the camp and at small concerts at a few scenic and acoustic spots along the trip.  If you were on either trip with us and enjoyed the music, please email the folks at Moki Mac and encourage them to continue having live music on their trips.   (2002 Photo at Fern Glen by Bill Frey).

The wonderful boatmen of Moki Mac were excellent paddlers, guides, historians, story-tellers, and cooks and soon became our newest friends.  We miss them, their stories, as well as the gorgeous sites along the Colorado River they shared with us.

Pictured left is Shonti, Trudy, Gretchen and Kluonie who went for a swim in Lava Falls in 2007.  Quite a ride!

Will and Trudy wrote "The Boatmen" while on the 2001 trip (an instructional musical). Words below.

See below for the name game about musicians and boatmen as written by the folks on the trip.

Matt Herman's Boat with Instruments and Musicians at Hermit Rapids (Photo by Bern Krafsig)

The Grand Canyon (Photo by Bern Krafsig)

The Boatmen Song 
by Will Putman and Trudy Heffernan


We are the Boatmen we suffer no fools
We are the Boatmen and these are the rules

Wash the mud off your sandals and get in the boat
Do up your life vest, that's right you won't float
Don't ask stupid questions, just bail out the floor
And when you climb out, don't step on the oar 

We know what we're doing, you haven't a clue
If you're lucky we'll find you some lame task to do
Don't volunteer help, you incompetent fools
Just stay out of the way and follow the rules

We'll lead you on hikes up high canyon walls
You're awkward and clumsy, we'll make sure you don't fall
We know you'd get lost, so we'll help you back down
It's a steep twisting trail, and this ain't your downtown

When you hear "Hot Coffee" get your butt out of bed
Do you think you can manage to get yourself fed
We'll do the rowing, the cooking and such
Wash your plate and fork, or is that asking too much?

Wash off your hands before we have grub
But no soap in the streams for the poor humpback chub
Pick up your garbage, don't piss in the sand
In fact, don't piss anywhere up on dry land

Morning and evening are the times to go crap
We really don't care for a mid-day mishap
We'll stop if we have to, but mark our words
We'll make you pay for your untimely turds


The "Name Game"

Roger:  Real, rough and ready    Organized    Generous    Earnest    Reliable Rascal

Beth:  Beautiful    Enchanting    Tender teacher    Honorable and happy

George: Gentle    Excellent    Original    Rare    Gifted Genius    Entertaineer    Soulful

Clair: Clever    Loveable leader with lollipops    Agile    Intelligent    Resourceful

Bruce:  Brave and beautiful    Reserved and rowdy    Unstoppable    Cowboy    Endearing

Jesse:  Joyful, Jester    Exuberently effervescent    Sexy    Silly and sincere    Energetic and encouraging

Grant:  Gentle    Respectful    Adorably Atmospheric    Notably Knowledgeable    Time Tested and True

Gabe:  Goofy and Good natured    Adventurous    Bearded Benevolent    Eclectic

Eric:  Enigmatic    Risktaking    Impressively Impish    Charmingly Cute

Cathy:  Charismatic    Adventurous    Thoughtful    Honey    Youthful

Will:  Wiley and wicked waterfighter    Irrascible    Loving    Loco

Trudy:  Truthful    Rhythmic    Unique    Delightful    !Yikes!

Shonti:  Sweet    Harmonic    Oh my!    Naturally Nice    Thoughtful    Incorribibly incredible

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