Wild Mountain Music
Recording, Producing, & Performing Alaskan Acoustic, Folk and Bluegrass Music
Wild Mountain Music was formed as a partnership between Shonti Elder (fiddler) and Will Putman (guitarist) in 1987 to  record and distribute original Alaskan music as singer songwriters.  The music combines a variety of acoustic styles based on bluegrass, celtic, and traditional American fiddle music.  Wild Mountain Music also produces concerts and has created a catalog of Alaskan folk artist's and their music.  Contact us regarding Wild Mountain Music, our recordings, or information on the Catalogue of Alaskan Artist's see below.
[Northwords cover photo]
Shonti Elder and Will Putman
Recorded in 1987, Northwords is the result of years of folk festival collaboration and a strong mutual admiration of each other's musicianship and song writing ability.  The style varies from bluegrass to ballads to traditional fiddle tunes applied to a truly creative batch of original songs and tunes. Available on cassette and LP. 
Featured Songs:  Frontiers lost, Fiddler's Heartdance, Slivovitz, My fault, Song for Don, Don's jig, Friends, Where are you children?, Frozen truck breakdown, Message in a bottle, The Maggie G., On my Mind, Take Shack, Choose to Win
Snail Mail:  send $15 for CD's, $10 for cassettes or albums. 
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